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Today on Solaris + Apple Event

March 2, 2006
I registered to so I could keep track my visited web pages. You can see them at I plan to post links related to Operating Systems [cs215 tagged] and Perl classes [cs220 tagged] over there.

I hope to blog my ongoing Thesis Project. So I could document the dev process. I added a special tag ThesisReference for my list of references. Currently it's filled with various links about Rails.

Apple Event
On the other side of the world, Apple launched some hot new stuffs:

The Intel Mac Mini:

  • Now with higher prices!
  • Core Solo with 60 Gigs for $599 and Core Duo version with 80 Gigs for $799.
  • With integreted Intel GMA950 graphics. No more ATi Radeon!
  • and Bluetooth 2.0, Front Row, Apple Remote, iLife '06 and 4 USB slots.
  • And yes, the G4 Minis are out of Apple Store.

iPod leather cases:

  • At an expensive interesting $99 pricetag, it's just a black iPod leather case.
  • You still need to pull out your iPod to get the access the controls.
  • Probably made from Steve Jobs' leather. (of course no, I was just kidding)
  • Did I say it costs $99!?

iPod HiFi or iPod Boombox:

  • A big bulky white speaker that includes an iPod dock
  • No, it's not as cute as Altec Lansing's InMotion

Not a very interesting event. Lots of disappointment here and there (price hike, integreted graphics, overpriced leather case). Let's just hope Steve haven't jumped the shark.

[Apple, Engadget]

One Comment
  1. the case is made from Steve Jobs’ skin..with his sweat and maybe smells pf his perfume. Steve Jobs is my homeboy *digetok*

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