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Brontox Remover Update

March 12, 2006

Reza has made some improvements on my Brontox Remover script. New features includes removing brontox from a specific directory and logging. Please note that he uses the md5 utility instead of md5sum, so you might want to modify the script a little before if you need md5sum. He runs this script as a cronjob to wipe brontox from a windows share. You might want to check his post if you’re running a server too.

You can download the new script over here.

Ronny Haryanto said on his comment at Reza’s blog that the script needs to add some heuristic check to reduce the computing-stress of calculating md5sums of numerous files. My code already check the filename to guess whether it is brontox or not (if the filename is similar to its parent directory, a common brontox trait), I guess it was enough, but additional checks won’t hurt. Ronny proposed to check the file size of a brontox worm and skip files that are a bigger than that (since they can’t be brontox). I think this would be an important feature, easy to implement too. You only need to add the -size switch in find. I think Reza is working on it.

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  1. sangpire permalink

    my com has been attack by brontok.c com can’t open antivirus can i remove the virus..plz help mee….. malaysia..

  2. I love brontox….. it’s really really attracted me….. oh…..I can’t stand it anymore….
    Brontox… oh brontox… i really adore you…
    You fill my heart with love, fill my mind with passion
    I want to meet u, to see u always in my dreams……….

  3. aza permalink

    my computer have virus…brontox

  4. Adelyn permalink

    Brontox is killin’ me!

  5. Penawar Brontok 1.2 VarX merupakan remover brontok /removal brontok telah saya siapkan…
    di mana ia memiliki fungsi

    – Penawar Brontok VarX tidak memerlukan program ini run di dalam safe mode, hanya run sahaja di dalam keadaan window normal.
    – Penawar Brontok VarX mempunyai scanning engine yang laju dan cepat dan berkesan mencari virus brontok sisa-sisa yang ditinggalkan.
    – Membetulkan semula folder option dan registry.
    – Membetulkan semula file msvbvm secara automatik.
    – Mempunyai pilihan sama ada untuk dibuang ke Recyle Bin atau buang terus dari sistem.
    – Mempunyai scanning engine yang menyokong kriteria virus Brontok, membolehkan ia mencari Brontok yang baru di mana kebanyakan Anti Virus pun tiada fungsi ini.. (I wonder why they can’t do it..?)

    kamu semua boleh mencuba download di

    hope dapat membantu kamu semua…

  6. mamat permalink

    tak jadi aku buat dah.

  7. i will submit after trial

  8. balan permalink

    i want virus remover

  9. pls help me people,i need the brontok remover,pls HELP ME!!!!!!

  10. lara croft permalink

    the brontok remover by syed hussein works. just transfer all files into C. it’ll clean brontok up. thank you syed hussein. may God bless you..

  11. hiba permalink

    brontok is so irritating do u have any solution for it?

  12. primbon permalink

    thanks now i can find you!!!

  13. baa permalink

    syed, need to pay? cant u just give for charity? blerghhhh

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