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Life on a flash disk

March 13, 2006

I read an article once, somewhere on the net, about backing up important documents on a flash disk (iPod or any other removable storage). So if there is an emergency, such as a fire, flood or (heavens forbid) riot, you won’t need to digg up your file cabinet to save stacks of documents. I’m thinking of doing something like that, now that I have a flash disk. I think you should too.

Start by placing a photo of your ID card (KTP), a scan of your passport, and your resume (I have mine in PDF) and your contact details in a vCard file (I got mine from Evolution). The vCard will be useful, it could easily beam to a cell-phone and/or PDA. Other things that might be important are:

  • Scans of your university transcript
  • Birth, wedding, land certificate
  • Investment certificates
  • And dont’ forget, your Insurance policy!

The list is not exhaustive, feel free to add. Your digital photo album perhaps.

Of course there are security concerns. If this flash disk is stolen or read by someone, it might lead to an identity theft. You could zip the folder and encrypt it. Or even better, encrypt it in a special disk image. OS X can do it as well.

So when the yearly flood comes by, don’t digg up your cabinet and risk yourself, just grab your security flash disk and run for your life! Just make sure that the files are always updated.


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