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Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake

March 19, 2006

Yes it’s delayed. It won’t be 6.04 anymore, it’s 6.06 now since it’ll be out on the first of june 2006. It is delayed in favour for better polish and localisation (CJK).

Screenshot-File Browser.png
Nautilus file manager with the new ubuntulooks theme

It’ll take longer but it’ll be better. It already looks a lot better right now. Some visible additions:

  • There is a new theme! Ubuntulooks theme engine (which derives from clearlooks) with new icons that derives from the Tango iconset. It looks more orange now.
  • Ejecting a flash disk displays a progress bar. So you’ll know when it is really done.
  • Ejecting an iPod actually ejects it (the iPod will stop flashing the do-not-disconnect icon)
  • The shutting down screen is now graphical, similar to the boot-up screen but with the progress bar moving backwards instead.
  • XGL is on universe for those who want to try (no, I’m using a crappy intel video chip). Now Linux can do translucent windows with smooth animation such as OSX-like-rotating-cube transition. Thanks to Novell.
  • Gnome screensaver looks cool (The password confirmation dialog actually displays your name and your photo). Granted that Gnome screensaver doesn’t allow you to configure your screensavers.
  • Rhythmbox has iPod support with iTunes music sharing.
  • Deskbar applet is cool!
  • GEdit has various additions that deserves it’s own post.
  • Gdebi allows users to install ubuntu/debian packages which are unavailable in the central repository.
  • Better looking notifications. It is used in Rhythmbox and Update manager.

New Style Notification

How about some ‘hidden’ ones:

  • Graphical installer on the Live CD. There is one for Kubuntu too!
  • Gnome 2.14 speed improvement.
  • Better CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) language support. SCIM is now part of ubuntu-desktop. I believe they also include SKIM for Kubuntu.
  • Gstreamer 10.0 for better media file support. (But crappy WMV/QT support I have to admit. DivX/Xvid/MP3 works great!)
  • Accessibility support for the Live CD graphical boot menu. It enables vision-disabled people to actually complete the installation independently.
  • This might not be new but “Out of the box bahasa Indonesia!” Even windows doesn’t do that.

Ejecting device progress bar

Still using windows?

[Dapper Flight 4, Dapper Flight 5]


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  1. You don’t really need fancy video cards to use XGL. Even the built-in ones might do.

  2. kucing_garong permalink

    gw baru denger, apakah ini versi baru “breezy Badger”??
    masi bisa pesen gratis nggak ya ke afsel sono?

  3. Breezy Badger (5.10) itu latest stable version dari Ubuntu Linux. Dapper Drake (6.06) adalah rilis selanjutnya yang baru akan keluar Juni ini (1 Juni 2006).

    Pesen gratis rasanya masih bisa deh. Tapi kalo menurut gw mending tunggu Dapper keluar deh baru pesen. Soalnya pesen Breezy sekarang sampe ke Indonya juga butuh 4-6 minggu gitu. Jangan-jangan pas sampe Dapper udah keluar, terus pesen lagi. Sayang banget kan.

  4. albert permalink

    tapi gue nyoba pesen ga bisa mulu ya?
    kalo mau mesen khan katanya musti register di dl khan baru bisa. Gue uda nyoba daftar di tapi ga dpt email balasan….jd ga bisa mesen2 dari dulu hiksss….

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