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AIGLX/Compiz on Ubuntu

March 26, 2006

I'm running AIGLX (that's Accelerated Indirect GL X) on Ubuntu Dapper. Pretty nice but not as sharp looking as I expected (read: OS X). But I'm on i810 (855GM), what can I say? My overall impression is: It's too flashy! Eye candy everywhere without significant benefits. Metacity is a lot more mature than this one (compiz). Compiz feels buggy and incomplete.

Wobbly windows, cube effects, fade in and fade outs, expose-like feature. Compiz packs some juice allright. It'll just need some more time. HeHe, see what my students will say when they see this tomorrow *wicked*.

If you want to try, check out the Aiglx/Compiz guide over at Ubuntuforums. You'll need to run Dapper.


From → Gnome, Rant, Ubuntu

  1. Danie asked me “Ak ganti pake Apple yah?” LOL

  2. *pamer Fujitsu B5010* ;)

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