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Modern Idiocy

April 3, 2006

Some people like to talk communicate like idiots. Using words like `perform` instead of `do `and `utilize` instead of `use`. I can't help to think why people like to talk using the hard-to-understand business dialect. Being hard to understand doesn't make you sound smart, it just makes you … harder to understand.

Communication (that is talking when someone is listening or writing when someone is reading) is about sending ideas to someone else. When the other end doesn't get it, you fail.

If you're a teacher, a lecturer, a professor, please teach using down-to-earth easily understandable words. Avoid strange and technical sounding words. I've been reading some lecture slides tiresome lecture slides. It's just too `smart` to understand. Translating them to normal English before understanding them is a useless PITA. Less is more~ less is more.

Other idiocy in the modern world:

Update: Spelling fixes :D


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  1. me sitting here in front of Doggy-styled slides and XML

  2. Gains permalink

    Heheh, I remembered my lecturer here said on his research paper, his lecturer praised him because he used simple English. Imagine that.

  3. gullit permalink

    I don’t understand “understanable” and “undertand”. it’s also more proper to use “with” after “get over”. Idiot. You are just an idiot, unable to “perform” anything that “utilizes” a slightly more complex thing.

  4. At least you understand the point.
    Thanks for the suggestion mate, all fixed now. mistakes happen when English isn't your mother tongue.

  5. it’s not only “slightly more complex thing”, some lecture notes are much too complicated for most students

    what is the purpose of unnecessarily complicated lectures?
    it takes more time for students to understand the material, and let the knowledge sinks to their brain
    if the lectures can be simplified, i bet students will gain more understanding, faster

    it’s not merely idiocy, it’s inefficiency

  6. Andreas permalink


    I like the phrase “it takes two to tango”; I believe that textbook is not newspaper, and newspaper is not comics. Normally, newspaper is slightly more complex than comic and textbook is extremely more complex than newspaper.

    However, lecturer should try to make things simpler; yes I agree on that; in the other hand students should make the effort to understand complex material; and hopefully the two meet half way from where each other was.

  7. I agree completely. Thats why I don’t buy textbooks :D

    I believe that the simpler way of speech shoud be prefered.

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