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The Short Post after Long Lost

May 17, 2006

Long time no see mates. I haven't got a decent Internet connection for quite some time now. It appears that my ADSL modem jammed and fails to connect to Speedy (after a big thunderstorm…). As a hub, it works fine, it just doesn't go to the net. Fuji is also back in coma, locking me up from most of my data. And here I am, on my dad's (windows) PC on good ol' dial up.

There it goes, Apple's new 13" MacBook is finally out. Boosting a Core Duo instead of the rumored Core Solo. Magnetic latch, cute. The black one is quite a rip-off though. There is a nice hands-on article over at Engadget. Sadly at 2.36 kg, it's not something I'd like to carry around. Speaking of Apples, I recently saw the 12" Powerbook G4 is sold at a Rp. 15 million price tag over at Plasa Senayan. Quite a value. More on the MacBook: [ Razorblade, William ]

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS release is closing in. Keep an eye on shipit. Preorder could be opened any day now. With Sun changing the Java license, it is now available for Linux out of the box. Sun Java 5 (Runtime and Devkit) is now available on Dapper's Multiverse repos. Mono is having some serious competition here.

From the forex market: GBP/USD reached 1.9025, just a while ago. After a long month of continous rally, sterling reached it's highest point since June last year. Would it try to reach 1.9548, last year peak point? Or would it plunge down? I wish I knew the answer, I'll be one damn-happy rich man :)

That's all from now~ see ya on the next update.

  1. You mean the one near Kinokuniya Plaza Senayan? Stay away from that store! They are extremely expensive. Better go with stores in Jaya Plaza because they could give you a better price and better technical support.

    The support guy at Plaza Senayan shop is just dumb. Several months ago when Apple launched its intel-based computer, I asked when will the store get the shipment.

    Do you know what his answer was? “There’s no such thing as intel-based Apple”! Blah…

  2. Thanks for the warning mate. Cheap quality-gadgets just don’t work well with malls.

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