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Microsoft Makes Beautiful Fonts

June 6, 2006

Microsoft does provide beautiful fonts for Windows. NeoWin NeoSmart Technologies gives you a preview of MS' 10 new fonts for Vista and Office 2007. Personally I love Chandra Candara and Corbel, really clean and modern.

  1. Actually, I’ve been using Consolas for “Courier New” replacement on my IDE (Eclipse and VS.NET).

    I use Candara for my blog header also. A good replacement for fixed-rounded “Tahoma” ;)

  2. Yep. I just recently “switched” to Candara, too. I like Consolas, but still much prefer Monaco (from Mac OS X). For serif font, nothing beats Dolly (from Underware) yet. That’s probably why I like Candara, because it reminds me of Dolly, yet it’s still mostly sans-serif.

  3. Where can I download Chandra?

  4. Neowin? It’s actually NeoSmart Technologies ;)

  5. Computer Guru: fixed. What was I thinking! Thanks for the correction, and thanks for the font review as well.

  6. It’s “Candara”, not “Chandra”.

    As you mentioned, these fonts are part of Vista. Although Microsoft had distributed some of their fonts for “free” in the past, I doubt they will provide downloads for these new ones.

  7. It’s a three line post and I made soo much typos. I’m getting old.

  8. lol, we all are.. at least I’m not getting any younger.. Thank god for ieSpell and now Firefox 3 with integrated spell-checking on the fly.
    Microsoft is making these fonts freely available, just DL the 100% free Office 2007 Beta 2, copy the ttf files from /windows/fonts/ and uninstall. No laws broken… but many bent ;)

  9. biela permalink

    10 new fonts??

    nice bLog..

    nice to know u.. ;)

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