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Canton Bay Plaza Senayan

June 11, 2006

There is a new Canton Bay outlet at Plasa Senayan LG Floor and we decided to try it last week. There was a buy one get one noodle promo. We ordered two of the Chicken with Wonton Noodle. The chicken was great, but the noodle was rather bland. Maybe we shoud’ve tried the Roast Duck Noodle.

Roast Chicken With Wontan Noodle (Canton Bay PS)

And by the way, I wouldn’t recommend the chrysantinum chinese tea :(

Chicken With Wonton Noodle
Rp. 19.500 (approx. US$ 2)
Canton Bay
Plaza Senayan LG Floor

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  1. tintahitam permalink

    bikin ngiler aja nih..

  2. Afuk permalink

    ini dia, mie yang rasanya dah lama ngak pernah gue rasain lagi semenjak I maseh kecil dulu (1900-an). Eeeenak bener, jadi inget waktu dulu masih sering lari pagi, pulangnya makan mie yang rasanya mirip rasa mie di Canton Bay, dah bener-bener langka…Thanks Canton, jadi terkenang masa muda dulu

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