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June 11, 2006

I planned on setting-up a new blog/website and after reading Aris’ post at Planet Terasi I decided to get a little adventurous and try out Drupal v4.7 instead of WordPress. Sadly, it didn’t work so I wiped it out.

The second try was Joomla v1.0.9, a PHP-based CMS built from Mambo. This time the installation was sweet and swift. Too bad that’s where the sweetness end. Configuring Joomla is soo complex I’m lost inside. Moreover, looking for themes wasn’t easy either. It’s really (really!) hard to find a good-looking and free Joomla template. Joomla was soon wiped clean.

The third and last try was… Drupal again. This time the setup ran exceedingly well (aside from a little sendmail problem). Apperently Drupal, expects me to install the database schema manually, which I didn’t the first time (I tought it would come up automatically ala WordPress).

Drupal is amazingly lego-like. Plug this module, unplug this module, its so easy. Modules are amazingly easy to install (as in tar -xzf module.tar.gz). Modules I got running:

  • TinyMCE Editor (I want it wordpress-like)
  • Tagadelic (I hacked it a bit so it displays a list instead of a tag-cloud)
  • Adsense (haven’t got the account from Google)

Theming is also great, the official homepage got a nice set of themes readily downloadable. I took one theme and hack the css personalize it a bit.

After playing with it for a while every blogger would realize that Drupal’s built in blog.module is a useless module. It doesn’t write your nickname and the post time/date on the blog-post. How would you call that a blog? Apperently the ‘Create Story Page’ resembels more of a real blog post so I’ll use that to post stuff.

So where’s the new site? You’ll have to wait for that ;)

  1. So, The conclusion is? which is better? drupal or wordpress?

  2. Comparing Drupal and WordPress is like comparing Apples and Oranges. They’re alike but not quite the same. Drupal is more designed to be a full-featured CMS software. You can create different apps using Drupal, from blogs to e-commerce. WordPress on the other hand is a blogging app. Its not a full fledged CMS.

    In conclusion: If you need only blogging features, wordpress works out of the box. If you’re preparing for something bigger (and you have time for it), you can try Drupal.

  3. Joomla is not as hard as you think and is not as easy as you think. Getting a good looking template is even easier, try google, dude

  4. Hi
    For blogging, WP win!
    After testing so many blog systems out there.. I have always go back home to WP.
    With its huge addictive community, WP have so many templates and plug-ins that make your blogging life easier.

    And the developing community is always active and produce updates like a mass production line.

    WordPress is the system for me.

    As to CMS, Joomla is the best!
    Joomla is the most intuitive, easy to use CMS
    and backed-up with huge community of template designers, add-on/plug-ins developers. And with a touch of eye catching design, Joomla leave all others behind.

    Why not enjoying both worlds!? ;)


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