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w00t, No Debs?

June 29, 2006

Finally, my 11 (k)Ubuntu CDs is here! But wait… unlike the previous release, there are only live CDs, no install (alternate) CDs. Its a slight disappointment since the Live CD can’t be used to upgrade existing installations. And I was hoping to update my laptop.

At least I got some Ubuntu stickers :D *yay stickers*


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  1. It is actually an installer CD. They just add a live-CD feature. Been there, done that.

    BTW, I’ve got problem for Wifi with Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake. Better check yours.

  2. Correction, it’s a live CD, they just add the GUI installer feature. I was looking for the alternate CD (text-based-installer).

    My laptop isn’t fully Dapper yet, but WiFi is doing fantastic here.

  3. wah curangg… i haven’t got mine… T_T it’s already 6 weeks… they promise 4-6 weeks… huehhh… gak sabarrr…

  4. Got mine yesterday. The stickers are cool. Actually, I didn’t even notice that they were in the package until you mentioned it. Thanks for that.

    It’s a good thing that July 4th, was a National Holiday in America, so the trash collectors are behind one day. Or else the stickers would be on their way to the dump.

    Yet another reason to thank God for America!

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