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Final Fantasy Concert in Jakarta

July 23, 2006

Whoa I’m no longer a geek! I didn’t even know -not even a single gossip- that there is such concert before I saw the Ad in Kompas this morning. The concert titled Beginning of Fantasy – The Concert will be held at the 28th of July (next Friday) at Tenis Indoor Senayan.

Twilite Orchestra will perform around 20 numbers from the Final Fantasy Series. There are no news on what scores that would be performed. I’m guessing all the classics like Prelude, Final Fantasy Theme, Chocobo and Love Grows will be there. Not sure about Eyes on Me, Square didn’t even perform that song at the 20020220 FF Concert (Google Music Search?).

Sherina and Arina from Mocca will be there too along with Wasabi (?) and Kevin Aprilio. Pricing starts at Rp 100.000 ($10) for the festival ticket, Rp 150.000 ($15) for Tribune and last but not least Rp 200.000 ($20) for the VIP. It isn’t cheap, but not that expensive either.

It’ll be really interesting to listen to Final Fantasy Music live. I can already hear the Final Fantasy Main Theme ringging in my head right now. I don’t know whether I would attend or not. The overall show sounds too “Japanese” (They have cosplay!). OK that’s cliche for saying “I’m no longger a video game and anime geek”.

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  1. :o
    I thought there’ll be original band coming

  2. Final Fantasy concerts usually involve the local orchestra (I think). Sometimes a bonus comes along such as Nobuo Uematsu conducting one or two piece but I doubt it’ll happen here.

  3. jadi pengen nuonton…..ada duit gak yah?

  4. this is a definite pass *game-hater mode*

  5. Band Wasabi bakal mainin Jenova dan juga bersama TO mainin One Winged Angel. TO juga akan mainkan Liberi Fatali, Final Fantasy, Cloud Smile, Divinity I dll…Semua dr FF.

  6. Niki permalink

    yeah, gua juga excited banget! (note: gua nggak ‘freak2’ banget kok he2), cuman berhubung gua demen ama musik2 videogame (& Jepang), palagi Final Fantasy!, gua kaget aja bahwa impian gua ini BISA terwujud, akhirnya!! :)

    cuman gua masih bertanya2, mereka bakal mainin lagu2 dari FF series yg mana aja ya? lagu2 apa aja?
    gua sih BENER2 berharap mereka bakal mainin variasi, jadi ga cuman dari FF Advent Children doang. banyak lagu bagus tuh dari FF 8, seperti Eyes on Me, …& End Credits theme juga kereeeen abis deh kalo dimainin LIVE symphony/orchestra!!

  7. Kalo lagu-lagu dari Advent Children mah gak asik banget. Advent Children lagunya lumayan sih (One Winged Angel rocks!) tapi lebih ‘khas’ lagu2 FF yang lama. Seperti Theme of Love FF IV. Melodies of Life dari FF IX jg bagus kan (paling suka versi yang 20020220, Emiko Shiratori keren!)

  8. nggak ada black mages sama star onion brigades ;;

  9. yawh yawh…. tapi konsernya asli kerennnn

    pianisnya yang namanya Jessica Gunawan & Kevin Aprillio lihai bangetttt

  10. I was there, singing along with the “Band of Choristers” ^-^

    Overall, konsernya nge-rock! Tapi, sayangnya dekorasi panggung nggak seheboh konser StarWars kemaren (yg kebetulan gw ikutin juga). Tapi, musiknya keren2 duong.

    Divinity-nya gimana guyz? Gw gak suka lagu itu. Garing bgt. Fithos, lusec, vicos, vinosec-nya keyen.

    Siapa???? Se-Phi-Roth!!!

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