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August 2, 2006

I found out deepee several weeks ago as a referrer to my blog. It seems to be a news site similar to Google News covering snippets of Indonesian related news and blogs. Deepee’s News sources includes Detik, Media Indonesia,, ANTARA, and Google News Search (with keyword Indonesia Jakarta). I’ve seen only two main sources for their blog section: Planet Terasi and Komunitas Blogger Muslim. Both of them are aggregators.

The site has two ‘special’ section on the front page. The first one is the earthquake section. It displays data about the two latest Indonesian earthquake (location, date, time and magnitude) from USGS. The other section is the special coverage. It currently covers the Israeli aggression on Lebanon.

Deepee has a clean, no-ads design that somewhat reminds me of Google News. The site itself is somewhat mysterious. It doesn’t write anything about itself. The sub-heading mentions online forum and webmail but none seems to be available right now. There is an e-mail contact (a Yahoo account) though at the bottom of the page, probably the author.

It seems to be in-development since some menu item on the left (Dunia, Umum) are not yet accessible. Anyway, check it out. It’s a really cool site! If you happen to be the author of deepee, fantastic site. Keep up the good job!

PS: I don’t know why but whenever I open a page from ANTARA my CPU spikes to 100%. I’m a Flock on Ubuntu user.

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  1. It’s down? ato US ips kena ban?

  2. A bit slow, tapi bisa masuk. Mungkin aja US kena ban.

  3. situsnya atas nama Adhitya Rachmadi. gue cari-cari sebentar di Google juga cuma dapet sedikit info. hihihi..iseng banget ya.

    btw, ide situsnya emang bagus. masuk bookmark gue yg jelas :D

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