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Dunkin Donuts Coffee Sucks

August 13, 2006

Earlier today I went with my dad to Dunkin Donuts at Dusit Mangga Dua. We ordered two cups of coffee with milk. It cost Rp 12.000 a cup and guess what we got: coffee flavored milk! It was the worst coffee, over Rp 10.000, ever!

The coffee was so thin I don’t think it’s even worth to be called coffee. We have some instant ginseng coffee at home that tasted more like coffee. Maybe if we had asked for black coffee (without milk) it would have tasted a bit better.

That wasn’t our first time drinking coffee at Dunkin. It was much better back then. My dad was also rather surprised with today’s coffee saying it’s more milk than coffee. Maybe we were just at the wrong time in the wrong outlet (ordering the wrong thing).

Come on Dunkin, we deserve a much better coffee at that price.

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  1. mending bikin kopi sendiri di rumah :D dengan Rp 10.000 + creamer santai dan nikmat hehehehe…

  2. Dunkin Donuts is notorious for adding way too much milk/creamer to their coffee. It becomes in effect – creamer with a dash of coffee. Next time order it black and add creamer to taste and you might get better results.

  3. beast permalink

    hahaha…coba cek harga untuk secangkir “hot tea”? rp. 9900. isinya?
    – air panas 1 cangkir (cangkir berlogo DD, sayang tdk boleh dibawa pulang :)
    – satu kantong teh celup (tampaknya sariwangi) tapi logo kertasnya dicopot.
    – 3 kantong kecil “sugar”, lupa ada logo DD atau tdk.
    – 1 sendok plastik kecil, tipis.

  4. Jangan2 yg nerima ordernya dengernya bukan kopi susu tapi susu kopi :). BasBang banget ya…

  5. Yah, kalau itu masih bisa disebut kopi sih, ..

  6. michael permalink

    worst coffee ever they need to stick to making donuts

  7. michael permalink

    what are you guys sayin up there anyways?

  8. tyka permalink

    bandingin sama yang didepanya lebih enak mana..?apa boleh buat

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