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Edgy Eft and Gnome 2.16 Features

August 17, 2006

In Edgy Eft (Ubuntu 6.10) we’ll have Gnome 2.16 with speed improvements, Evolution uses less memory and includes vertical view (yippie!), better print dialog, Baobab (what a strange name) disk usage analyzer. Firefox 2.0 Beta (Bon Echo) is also available on the repos (Edgy indeed). And did I say speed improvements?

Despite that, I’ve yet to see some new artwork. I think Ubuntu 6.10 would depart from the usual brown color scheme. Actually, I kinda like the new brown-orange feel in Dapper. Especially the Human icon set.

[ Read More at A Stranger’s Universe ]

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  1. Baobab itu nama pohon tumbuh di gurun^_^

  2. Gw pas ngeliat lsg mikirnya Buu yang di Dragon Ball

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