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Its been two weeks

September 10, 2006

I’m not really in the mood to write so here it goes…

  • Traffic Jam all over Jakarta (damn Busway)
  • Despite the above, motor bikers in Jakarta are crazy!
  • Turbogears sucks (sorry, but it did gave me some stress)
  • Actually I can live with mod_python
  • Drupal theming is easy
  • Firefox is not the best web browser (hint: inline-block)
  • Thank God its hackable (hint: -moz-inline-block)
  • I’m in love with the Dropline Neu! Icon Theme
  • Yay for Gnome 2.16!

Aside of all that here is a photo I made for my office (yeah I do photography too, they should pay me extra).

  1. lina permalink

    photonya lucu..hehe..nice:)

  2. HeHe, Thx Lina

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