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I Hate Weekends

October 1, 2006

Weekends is something that most people, including me, expect crave during their five workday period. Sadly during most weekends all I feel is intense boredom, extreme laziness and lost of spirit. Odd isn’t it? Anybody feels same?

By the way, who feels that Indonesian TV shows are depressing?

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  1. Think about a math porblem then!

  2. Ditto here, these kind of weekends actually will demoralize you. Sucky weekend, AND tomorrow is Monday ! Argghhh…

    Another similar case is with holiday — you looked forward to it, but when you returned you ended up exhausted, and stressed with the fact that you will be working on the next day (while your body is completely exhausted).
    AND to remember that you blew millions, just to be even more stressed like this….

    The solution I’ve found so far is to make everyday a holiday. There’s no work day. Everyday is as enjoyable as any other day.
    If the work is tough, I find the small things that will lighten up that day — an sms to a daraway friend, quickchat with my soulmate, reading blog posts, stood up from my desk and have a quick chat with a colleague, etc.
    Ultimately, I just remember a seller which worked from 7 am to 7 pm, and only got paid Rp 10.000. You can’t help but feel thankful when you remember her.

    The reverse on weekends, since I have kids, I consider weekend to be my work day. My job description on weekends is to be with my kids, educate them, and serve them; make them live their days fully on those days.
    But it happened to be a very enjoyable job :-) so there’s no complaining here.

    Positive thinking seems to work for me here.

    Any other ideas are most welcome.

  3. tukangKoding permalink

    get married..:)

  4. go out shopping or see exhibition or concerts

  5. @harry: Yes I think that’s an interesting solution, to make everyday a holiday. I do enjoy my work. Since I don’t have kids I think I’ll be fine with books instead.

    @tukangKoding: Marraige needs money :D Got to save some first

    @iba: I think shopping is _not_a_solution_. Shopping will only make me even more bored (hey malls sucks). Exhibition and concerts are different tho.

  6. Yanti permalink

    i do.. i do.. makanya gue kaga mau kerja di TV.. hehehe ;p

  7. Alexa permalink

    I don´t think he´s talking about kerja di TV.
    Yeah, I know what you mean about Indonesian TV. Not only depressing, dear, it´s booooring, unimaginative, lack creativity and blah blah blah

  8. @Alexa: I think she’s referring abut her working on TV ;)

  9. lisa permalink

    Gee I am glad to see I am not the only one that hates weekends I get the Blues on Fri and feel bad for dreading the weekend when all my co-workers are so excted about it , it makes me feel crazy , I ma single my daughter is almost grown and works on the weekend , it leaves a big hole for me most of what used to be my single friends have remarried or have boyfriends , I can think of things I’d like to do but the $$$ situation won’t allow it, I feel sadistic sometimes when I think oh tomorrow is Mon and I feel excited

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