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Senayan City

October 8, 2006

Senayan City G 1 2 3 4

Senayan City Mall, Jakarta, last saturday. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version. I got one or two more photos to post but I’m too sleepy to gimp them right now. Tomorrow maybe.

I got a free Krispy Kreme when I visit the mall. Only two things I would like to say: First, it made me feel guilty (the calories!). Second, made a wonderful job imitating! Apparently J.Co also offers free Donuts but the waitress didn’t gave me one. Well, maybe she thinks I was fasting. I _did_ come to the Krispy Kreme guy and ask for the free sample.

While visit Senayan City, I might as well visit Plaza Senayan and check some books (do they have bookshops at Senayan City?). Sadly, QB Books isn’t there anymore. I read once that QB at Plaza Semanggi is closed but didn’t think that the one at Plaza Senayan is closed too (well truth is I was hoping it was in the middle of a closing sale).

I was looking for Neal Stephenson’s The Baroque Cycle. Since QB is no more there, I went to Kinokuniya upstairs. Sadly I didn’t find the first volume, Quicksilver. Kinokuniya does have the second and third volume availabe though. Maybe I should start with Cryptonomicon first?

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  1. tadinya kupikir kok Crytonomicon pengarangnya Neal Stephenson, bukannya HP Lovecraft? Oh ternyata itu Necronomicon yah.

  2. I just found that there is a place called Senayan City, last friday! ahahaha .. what a geek?! :D

  3. Sorry .. I mean, last thursday …

  4. start with Cryptonomicon. NS is one of my fave author and i read everything he does, but then again, he’s long and probably not for everyone. Baroque Cycle is 3000+ pages long. It’s a shame if you don’t like NS because you started wrong :)

    Crypto is EXCELLENT. Not sure where to get it in Jkt, but kinokuniya should have it.

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