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Frankfurter Hot Dog

October 21, 2006

A piece of grilled Bratwurst sausage and a slice of turkey on a soft sliced bun. Generously topped with tomato sauce and mustard. No, I didn’t make this one myself, its one of the hot dog served in Frankfurter Hot Dog (clean website btw). The hot dog itself is tasted really good and big as well, (size does matter as they say). But I don’t think its big enough for the price (36k).

As always, click the image to view a bigger one at Flickr.

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From → Food, Photographs

One Comment
  1. ummmmmmmm
    tastes good but not that superbly good (blenger is a bit better with only a fraction of price) :D
    the fries are goood~~ but overall it’s just overpriced

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