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For The Holidays…

October 24, 2006

I’m currently reading the 900+ pages long of Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon. Right now my bookmark is sitting at around page 300 or something. Somewhat boring to begin with but gets really (really) interesting with the technical details (which is a lot). Some pages even look like it came out of a math or computer science text book (with graph!). Totally different compared to Dan Brown’s idiotic crypto novel, Digital Fortress (don’t read it).

Anyway looks like I got the last copy of Cryptonomicon from Kinokuniya PS. I don’t think they’ll restock soon. They still don’t have a copy of Quicksilver available. They don’t even have Umberto Eco’s The Name of The Rose for quite some time (There is a an Indo translation but prefer not to read it).

Important Note: It would be extremely helpful to learn something about World War II and German’s Enigma cypher before reading this book. I’m often lost at the WW II section only to learn later that it refers to actual historical events (yay Wikipedia).

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  1. Don’t even try to take a peek of Indonesian translation of the Name of the Rose (especially Jalasutra version -still trying to wake up from the nightmares caused by their translation-). The english version is confusing sometimes (but it gets better after the middle of the book).

  2. Yeah I heard about the ugly translation from a friend. Also the paper quality doesn’t look good either, for the price.

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