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Plastic Shopping Bag

November 14, 2006

Going to a Mini-market means shopping in “mini-quantities”. Maybe just a can of beer soft drink or a tube of Mister Potato to accompany me on Battlestar Galactica. More often than not I purchase only one item and no more. What I notice is that they always give me a free plastic bag. Without asking. Even when I only purchase one small hand-carryable item.

I would like to contrast this with my experience while in Melbourne. When you shop in small quantities (for instance one or two items) at Safeway, the cashier would always ask, “Would you like a bag for that?”. An offer which I often decline. They even made a rule that a customer must pay extra for plastic bags when they purchase less than three items.

Maybe it sounds like cutting corners, saving the extra penny for Safeway, but I think its about being environment friendly. Plastic isn’t an environment friendly material. Declining an offer for a plastic bag is good for your earth. Most of the time you don’t need the plastic bag anyway.

Next time when you shop in small quantities, don’t hesitate to say that you don’t need a bag.

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