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My Hanoi House, La Piazza Kelapa Gading

December 14, 2006

Since I couldn’t find Izzi Pizza last Sunday, I went to La Piazza looking for something else. That’s when I found My Hanoi House. If I’m not mistaken I have seen this restaurant in O Channel‘s Rekomendasi and it looked nice. From Italian to Vietnamese, why not?

My Hanoi House is not too expensive, but not cheap either. Prices range from 20-40k for mains. The service is good, and fast too. Then came the food. Appetizers first, we had spring rolls (not fried), salads and a hot and spicy soup. The soup was really hot. Burning hot, not spicy hot.

I had a beef curry. It tasted OK. They put some sesame seeds on the rice giving a unique taste. The beef is rather hard. I feel that the curry is not spicy enough (the soup also), the taste is rather muffled (if I may say so) because of that. They should’ve add more spices. This is Indonesia, we love spicy stuff :D

Anyway, that was the first time I got ‘questioned’ for taking photos in a restaurant. the waiter asked me, politely, how will I use the photo. Then he said that I should ask for permission before publishing it since it was patented. Rather odd since I don’t know that a photo can be patented, even if he meant copyrighted its still my photo so its my copyright. But then he said about the table set and cutlery. Oh, maybe they just don’t want other restaurants to imitate their style. Don’t be afraid. Its the food that matters, not the cutlery.

In the end he told me to write my name and e-mail on a piece of paper. I gave both my e-mail (please don’t spam me) and this blog’s url. I was afraid he was going to force me to delete the photos, thanfully that didn’t happen ^^. So, “Hello”, if you’re from My Hanoi House. If there are any problem with the photos please leave a comment or e-mail me.

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  1. Andryan permalink

    When you go to La Piazza next time, make sure you try the free hotspot service. :)

  2. yola permalink

    You should try asking to meet the owner, Mr R…he’s would really love to recommend u the best food that they have there. And btw the food do look nice, thank u…
    N the reason why they asked about the photo I believe they want to make sure that it ‘ll turn out nicely in this page…cheers !

  3. @Andryan:
    I didn’t know there’s free Hot Spot at La Piazza. Maybe someday.

    Thank you very much :)

  4. I went to my hanoi house at Sogo Grand Ind last week. the waiters was so nice and informed. They let me take several photos too…

  5. Engaging web site. hope to definitely visit again

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