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Steve Jobs/Apple on DRM

February 7, 2007

This is an interesting morning read: Apple – Thoughts on Music.

Why would the big four music companies agree to let Apple and others distribute their music without using DRM systems to protect it? The simplest answer is because DRMs haven’t worked, and may never work, to halt music piracy. Though the big four music companies require that all their music sold online be protected with DRMs, these same music companies continue to sell billions of CDs a year which contain completely unprotected music.

By the way, MP3 isn’t really an open free format since it requires a licensing fee. Ogg Vorbis and Flac are perhaps, really open free.

  1. What’s the deal with Vista and DRM, btw?

  2. @VZX: Search for HDMI, it doesn’t sound good at all.

  3. *doesn’t read the HDMI stuff, but read HDCP*
    uh-oh… internet wouldn’t be fun anymore :(

  4. @VZX: Not only Internet, but Blu-Ray/HD DVD too. Practically you’re forced to get new hardware to play high-def movies. Sucks.

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