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Murrina Y Blue Gtk 2.x Theme

March 4, 2007

Yesterday I modified the Murrine Y GTK theme and here is what I got. Basically I make it more blue and less padding (but still generous, I love whitespace!) . I also remove the panel background since I don’t like it.

This is the first time I work on a Gtk Theme and I find it particularly difficult to find documentation. I still cannot modify the color of check-boxes that are nested inside a tree view (like Rhythmbox’ plugin list window). If anybody knows how please leave a comment.

Murrina Y Blue (gtk theme)

Click here for a full Size screenshot at Flickr. Last but not least here is theme download. You’ll need the Murrine GTK2 Engine (fantastic theme engine from Cimi, official site) for it to work.

Metacity Theme: HumanMurrina
Icon Theme: Tango Icon Theme
Wallpaper: Exos Wallpaper Pack

Yes I really love the large icons!

  1. Good day!,

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