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Selenium RC Debian Packages

March 4, 2007

Selenium Remote Control is a tool to test web applications. The beautiful thing about it is that you can create test scripts using your favorite programming language. I think it would be nice to package Selenium RC to deb packages so it could be installed easily on Debian or Ubuntu. So here they are:



Quick Guide:

  1. To run the server just type selenium-server from the terminal.
  2. The Java client installs selenium-java-client-driver.jar file to /usr/lib/selenium-rc.
  3. The Python client installs the driver in the site-packages directory so all you need is only import selenium.
  4. HTML Docs for the Java/Python client are available at /usr/doc/selenium-rc-(java|python)/html.

More info about using the server could be found in the Selenium RC Tutorial page.

I’m not an experienced (call this the first time) in packaging softwares so fell free to notify me if you find any mistakes. And before you ask: no I don’t really have plans to package the .NET (mono), Perl and Ruby client drivers. Maybe someday but I won’t promise.

  1. Olivier Berger permalink

    Maybe you should add an ITP to Debian for your packages ?

  2. Tomtom permalink

    I get a 404 page not found :-/

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