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Trashed libc

March 6, 2007

Two days ago I accidentally trashed one of my libc file (/lib/ at the office. Don’t ask me how, it was one messy bash command which regretfully had a sudo in front of it (T_T). I know that all I need to do is to reinstall the libc package via Synaptic/apt-get. Unfortunately, the trashed file is so important that I cannot start any new application at all. Everything depends on it. I can’t run ls or cd from the terminal, the system won’t shut down (nor start up, it locks up on usplash)!

I know what I need, a Linux Live CD, any kind of Linux as long as I can mount my root partition! Unfortunately (again), I don’t have my Edgy live CD with me. After asking several coworkers here and there I finally got a Fedora 6 Installation DVD. I was able to boot up to the rescue mode and mount my root partition. Found my libc deb in the apt cache, extract it manually and copy the offending file right where it belong. After a reboot my Edgy is now running like nothing happened at all.

The lesson is:

  1. Linux Live CD rocks!
  2. Make sure you have one with you all the time.
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