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Pepperoni Pizza at Fast Eddie’s

March 25, 2007

Pepperoni Pizza at Fast Eddies

Yes I know! I haven’t been writing about IT for quite some time now *looking at the long list of foodie posts*. Its not that I have no idea on what to write, its just a lot easier to link photos from Flickr than to write. I do have some topics in mind but I’m feeling a bit sick in the last few days *cough cough*.

Anyway this piece of delicious thin-crust Pepperoni Pizza is from a relatively new restaurant at Jl. Hang Lekir I, Senayan (right next to Beautika) called Fast Eddie’s (seriously old-fashioned website). They serve thin-crust pizzas as well as subs in a somewhat fast-food fashion (faster than Pizza Hut).

Eating Pizza

We were charged Rp 43.000,- ($4.3) for this pizza plus a bottle of Aqua. That might sound pretty expensive but they’re really generous with the pepperonis and cheese. The pizza was great and we’d be back for the it.

Fast Eddie’s Pizza and Subs
Jl. Hang Lekir I no 15
ph. 021-7396530
fax. 021-7269803

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  1. enak ya? pernah lewat sih cuman blom pernah nyobain.. jadi pengen nyoba, thx for sharing :)

  2. btw kekurang pepperoni pizza nya fast eddie’s buat gue adalah pepperoni nya kurang garing
    i love crunchy pepperoni, kayak di pizza hut lebih garing :D

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