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What I would like to see in Ubuntu

March 25, 2007

Feisty is coming in less than a month now and the new features rocks (auto-codec install!). Here are some things that I would like to see in Gnome/Ubuntu (probably Feisty +1 if its not already in Feisty):

  1. Auto-DHCP. Currently in Edgy when I plug in the network cable Ubuntu does not automatically refresh the IP address/DNS stuffs. The only way I can force this is to run dhclient via the Terminal. Windows does things automatically and they even have a menu item to repair the connection (basically refresh the DHCP).
  2. Easy multi-display support. Really important when you’re using a laptop. I heard that its coming in one way or another (Xorg 7.3 on Feisty+1 might have better hardware detection capabilities).
  3. The ability to specify a different icon size for the desktop. I like to have smaller icons on my desktop compared to my Nautilus window. Currently I haven’t found a way to do this, not even from a gconf key.
  4. Make the gnome-open-dialog more vertical oriented. The point of having an open dialog is to select a list of file. But the current dialog only have space to display three files! This is too small, I often found my self resizing the dialog vertically to get a wider view. It would be great to have ten files visible by default.
  5. Thumbnails on gnome-open-dialog.
  6. OpenOffice that doesn’t suck! I really really hope that OOo Feisty already uses the tango icons by default.
  7. Update: I forgot this one yesterday, I wish that there is a GUI to manage 5.1 sound-systems.

Recent good news: Beryl is going to merge with Compiz! Wonderful indeed. I really hope they would focus on desktop usability instead of more-bling. Eugenia’s suggestion for a simpler Beryl Settings Manager might be a wonderful start. I do think the current Beryl Settings Manager is hideous at best! (sorry guys).

Seamless Windows Virtualization is also something worth to look. It would be wonderful if this is polished at Feisty+1. Totally a killer feature especially for enterprise usage. Long time ago people try to run Linux under Windows but these days people are trying to run Windows under Linux. :)


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  1. Bagaimana tututan spesifikasi komputer untuk Ubuntu terbaru itu nanti yah?

  2. Point number 1 is a definite, its the bane of my life, can’t stand it.

  3. XGL + Compiz terinstall secara default di Ubuntu! Duh susahnya setting yang ini di Ubuntu sekarang, lebih mudah pake OpenSuSe :P

    The other one should be better laptop support. Sometimes my battery just drop dead when I’m using any linux distro (not just Ubuntu, I’m talking about SuSe, Redhat, and Mandriva here).

  4. gianni permalink

    /me vote for #1

  5. @helgeduelbek:
    Kalau itu saya kurang tahu tetapi asal punya P III+512Mb RAM seharusnya sudah OK. Dan tentu saja hard-drive space yang cukup (mungkin 1.5G?). Untuk Xubuntu rasanya bisa untuk processor dan RAM yang lebih rendah.

    Yup, very annoying issue.

    Di Feisty Aiglx+Compiz sudah terinstall secara default tetapi tidak diaktifkan (proprietary driver issue). Seharusnya di Feisty sudah ada GUI sederhana yang bisa mengaktifkan Compiz dengan sekali klik :)

    Better laptop support, yes that too. Looks like the devs are hunting apps that are accessing the disk too often. Disk usage eats battery.

  6. Jon permalink

    Another vote for #1.

  7. Jonas permalink

    Guys, #1 is already fixed in feisty! Plug in the network cable, and it automatically requests an IP address from a DHCP server! Try it, it works!

  8. @Jonas:
    Really? Wohoo! Got to be the Network Manager Love.

  9. Actually, #1 shouldn’t be there! On my box and laptop it does this automatically. This is handled by network-manager! Are you sure your feisty isnt borked ?

    #2 Will be coming with the nex XRandR. Im really eager to this too.

    #6 is also coming pretty soon.

    As for the rest – im with you :)

  10. As to #1, try Network Manager (in Edgy); even though it’s for wireless networks it’ll do what you ask, as well as give you some info in the tray about IP addresses and what. (sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome)

    #6 is fixed in Feisty too, and I thought they were backporting it to Edgy.

  11. #3 Take a look at this keys,
    You can modify it from different places, if you want more flexibility that small, smaller… you will need to look at theme you are using

  12. Seamless Windows Virtualization will be really cool!:)

  13. JPS permalink

    In Feisty:

    !. Check

    2. ??

    3. Since the first Ubuntu you can manually resize any icon on your desktop (right click menu–> strech icon)

    4 & 5. Yes. Please. I’m totally with you.

    6. Check

    7. ??

  14. I would really like to have smaller icons. Currently, on my laptop screen, the large toolbar icons for most gnome apps take up most of the screen space :(

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