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Start Your Engines, Feisty Fawn has been Released

April 19, 2007

Gentlemen, start your engines (or bit-torrent clients), Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn has been released: Cannonical is shipping Ubuntu CDs for free world-wide, order yours right away!

I think I’m insane. I’ve been refreshing the main Ubuntu page since noon ;)


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  1. I think I’m insane. I’ve been refreshing the main Ubuntu page since noon ;)

    We are, aren’t we? I did the same thing. Started rom 8 AM (when I came to the office) until around 4.30 PM ^___^

  2. Dedhi permalink

    You guys do not know the concept of Time Zone eh? ….:P

  3. same here then, maybe we should go to the counseling together. xP

  4. So when will the counseling session start? I heard its called Release Party ;)

  5. Dedhi permalink

    And after installing it………………. Hurray, the Xserver bugs has not been fixed. The i810 Xserver still cannot detect nor configured to 1280×800 resolution although the xorg.conf says so.
    With 6.04 I can use 915 resolution, but there is no 915resolution for 6.10 and 7.04.

    Back to CentOS 5.0

  6. Dedhi permalink

    Correction. After waiting for about 1 day, then the 915resolution comes in.
    Problem fixed

  7. Downloading it now, does “kambing” (vlsm) already have the copy of Feisty? The server is quite clogged from where I am…

  8. @Oscar:
    Yup seems so… Last update is on April, 19 (Feisty release date)

    Good for you! I still can’t upgrade my PC because the upgrade tool says there is an md5 mismatch on the Universe repos ( Don’t know why.

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