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My Next Phone: Meizu MiniOne

April 24, 2007

Meizu MiniOne

Meizu MiniOne (Link in Chinese): an iPhone clone inspired mobile from China! Can’t get any better than that. Here is the spec in short:

Dimensions: 105 (h) x 57 (w) x 11.5 (d) mm
Screen Size: 3.3 inches
Screen Resolution: 720 x 480 – higher than the iPhone!
Input Method: Standard touchscreen
Storage: 2 models at 4GB and 8GB non-removable flash memory
Camera: 3.0 megapixels plus one 0.3-mega pixels on front for video calling
GSM: Unknown but 3G capable
Wireless Data: Bluetooth 2.0 + TV-Out – no WiFi :(
Operating System: Windows CE 6.0

Estimated retail price is $195 for the 4GB version and $305 for the 8GB. Wonder when this will be available in Indonesia. I’ve seen several stores sell the Meizu Mini Player (the iPod clone) here, they might import the MiniOne.

Similar to the iPhone, the MiniOne is yet to be released. It might be available in the end of 2007 (Q4). By the way… I haven’t decided on what mobile to buy, I just found this MiniOne really interesting (nice & cheap).

[ The Meizu MiniOne at Engadget, Meizu MiniOne vs iPhone at iPhone Blog ]


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  1. Gila jek! Keren banget!!

  2. Picnya masih keliatan kyk konsep

  3. *scratchy scratchy scratchy*
    Gue mah gak tega deh korek2 barang yang aslinya mulus

  4. carrot permalink

    VZX: ya jangan dikorek, kasih baju dong yang cakep, kayak bleki ku =p
    walopun telat sih kasi baju ke si bleki, belakangnya udah scratch semua >

  5. defe permalink

    meizu lucu juga :) tapi seandainya aj plus wifi..pasti +imut

  6. Marco Antonio permalink

    Será que irão lançar aqui no Brasil???
    Este celular é o mais lindo que já vi.
    Parabéns à Meizu!

  7. uam permalink

    harganya berapaan yah??? kok rasanya pengen punya banged :D
    klo beli di China kira2 di sini bisa pake gag yah???

  8. jabrik permalink

    wow keren banget, kapan nich release di indonesia….kisaran brp harganya????agennya yang di jakarta dimana ya?????tolong kasih infonya,, kirim ke emailku ya….

  9. Kris permalink

    Can the memory upgraded by removable one (i.e) SD Card or other? SDIO Slot(s)? GPS?
    Very Interesting!! I rather buy Meizu than iPhone I think.
    Inform where I can buy it in Jakarta, leave a message in my e-mail address.

  10. @Kris: details are rather blurry right now since the phone itself is not yet out (that means it’s not even available in China). You can check the community site, MeizuMe for more information. They have a new mock-up design in black now.

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