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On To Feisty

May 8, 2007

I finally upgraded (actually I did a fresh install) both my home and office PCs to Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04) yesterday. Since I did a fresh install, I need to re-install most of the extra applications I frequently use. Thankfully I got the complete Ubuntu package repository on 4 DVDs, thanks to Ubuntu-ID. Instead of waiting for endless downloads I just need to swap discs now (we need the repos in an HD DVD or BR Disc next time ;)

The Good

  • Pidgin gaim 2.0.0beta6 looks much than the previous one. I really love the drag as avatar feature, perfect!
  • OOo and Banshee has an orange splash screen, talk about branding ;)
  • OOo got the Human icons by default, at last.
  • Easy Codec Install is nice but I don’t think easy DVD playing is there yet (AFAIK gstreamer still can’t play DVD with menus).
  • Network manager is used. Automatic DHCP for all, hooray!
  • Activating desktop effects is really easy. As someone who set up XGL+Compiz manually during the Breezy days I found it amazingly simple.

Not all things are perfect, here are the negative issues I found:

The Bad

I had a tough time running the Live CD on my office PC. It always locks up right after detecting the USB keyboard and mouse. After 10 tries I saw that it reports that the floppy disk can’t be accessed, and keeps trying (the message repeats) despite the fact that there are no floppy drives installed! I turns out that I had to disable the BIOS floppy disk setting, after that it was mostly smooth sailing. Whose fault is this? The BIOS for reporting an erroneous info or Ubuntu for halting at floppy disk detection?

Tango icon-set for OOo is not installed by default. When I changed the icon-set to Tango at OOo, the toolbar turn all text and no icon at all. A simple search at synaptic reveals that is not installed. I also found out that the Firefox Human/Tango theme (firefox-theme-ubuntu) is not installed by default. Last but not least: Gaim is not yet tangofied. Thankfully I found a great Tango icon-set for gaim at deviantart. I might sound like a broken record here, but I really hope that icon theme could be consistent throughout all the default applications. Its not that hard, especially on OOo and Firefox since the Tango theme is already packaged, just not installed.

Both F-Spot and GThumb? I thought that F-Spot would replace GThumb as the default photo manager app, sounds like functionality duplication to me.

Sound on Audigy is rather odd. Sometimes it runs, sometimes it doesn’t. I still don’t know what might cause this issue since its not my PC. But I think things like this should just work.

The End

I feel like I wrote more about the bad than the good. Believe me: Feisty is a solid release. The best Ubuntu release ever. I would highly recommend it for daily usage.


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  1. yeah, if we want to watch dvd, we still have to use package from cannonical repository.

  2. vlc anyone?? :D

  3. yupp….use vlc… i’m big fan of vlc on different OS. Mac, Linux, Windows….

  4. What I’m talking abut is that there is no info on the system on how to easily add encrypted DVD playback.

    Personally, I install totem-xine and the extra codecs.

  5. It doesn’t natively support my 7300GT! WTF? Even my old ATi radeon 9200 is supported (not by ATi’s driver though). Now I can only view the monitor on 61Hz refresh rate, it’s painful to the eye

  6. F-Spot actually copy your images into /home/username/Photos. It’s what F-Spot Import action does.

    If you wanna just take a peek on images, not to save them and organize them, any picture viewer would suffice. By default, this is done with GThumb.

    GThumb and F-Spot complement each other :)

    Ps. Of course I am limiting context of our subject into default Ubuntu Feisty-Fawn installation. There are many photos manager app and picture viewer out there. For instance, on default Kubuntu Feisty Fawn, we’re sure can harness the power of Konqueror to do these things.

  7. @Andry:
    F-Spot import does not necessarily copy images to the Photos directory. You can set it not to copy them. If I want to peek to images I would use EOG, the default app when you double click a JPEG file.

  8. kelot permalink

    wobbly2 windows ga stabil, bikin crash juga….not to mention rada nyakitin mata *banyak maunya* :P

  9. fatbug permalink

    try pidgin instead gaim..
    pidgin use tango icon .. here is the sshot

  10. @fatbug:
    I tried.. but the pidgin icons are not as cute as the one I got (seriously). A big yellow smiling face (for Yahoo Messenger) looks much better than a green circle. Plus the green circle doesn’t tell me who’s on which IM protocol (YM/MSN/Jabber) so it’s kind of a ‘downgrade’ for me.

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