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My New DAP: Meizu M6

June 22, 2007

Meizu miniPlayer/M6 Black

Remember my old post about the iPhone clone from China? Well the phone’s not out yet but I actually bought a 4 GB model of Meizu’s miniPlayer (mine pictured above). Here are the main reasons why I bought it:

  • There is a great community.
  • Good Reviews.
  • Ogg Vorbis and FLAC playback (which triggers the F/OSS side of me). They even have a page explaining about FLAC on their web site which is pretty cool.
  • Firmware updates doesn’t need any “Windows specific” softwares. All you need is to download, extract and copy. Plus the they actually update their firmware pretty often too!
  • Drag and drop/copy and paste music loading.
  • Standard USB cable (easy to find and replace)
  • Customizable wallpaper
  • It looks like an iPod sleek, cool, hip, sexy
  • It comes in black
  • And last but not least: very, very cheap. Rp. 835k or roughly US$ 90. I bought this one straight from Mainland China, which explains the price. The same model is sold at Mangga Dua or Ratu Plaza at around Rp. 1.600k.

A simple tip to Linux users: add a file named “.is_audio_player” at the root directory of your DAP. It’ll make Rhythmbox and Banshee recognize it as an audio player device and load the song list.

Meizu MiniPlayer Close Up

As an update to my old post: no I haven’t bought any new mobile phones. Still sticking with my old T68i (the keypad is killing me though).


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  1. woltel permalink


  2. iyaaah

  3. uh, I want one *droll*
    but I’ll wait for the smaller version (M3? forgot the name). Since I don’t need the video playback capability, I don’t need big screen :)

  4. @aldi:
    M3 or MusicCard:

    That one is already out. A friend of mine bought the 8GB M3. It is tinner than the M6 but I don’t like the controls (the touch strip) of M3.

  5. wah.. beli dimana pak? murah juga 4 giga 90US mau dong :D

  6. @christiono:
    Belinya di pusat elektroniknya Guangzhou. Itu udah termasuk silicon case dan travel charger loh.

  7. duh… belinya dicina ternyata hu2x jauh amit. thanx buat infonya

  8. KLo diindo belinya dimn ne…. mo donk….

  9. @udeystar
    DI Ratu Plaza bisa di-cek 1st Computer Store (lt 2). Di lantai 3 Rapalz ama di Mangga Dua Mall jg ada yang jual tuh. Tapi harga di Indo jelas lebih mahal…

  10. ah keren, kepingin. -mata berkaca-kaca menatap celengan-

  11. diko permalink

    hmmm… meizunya mw di jual ga? daku rela bayarin.. ngebet bgt ni.. thx.. 08179730801.

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