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Lasagne Pasticciate at Pizza Marzano

July 4, 2007

Pizza Marzano - Lasagne Pasticciate

Here is for all of you pasta, tomato and cheese lovers! Lasagne Pasticciate from Pizza Marzano. The tomato paste is really fresh and the cheese is just perfect. Seriously, It does taste as good as it looks ;) And last but not least, I’m still amazed how they manage to serve it real fast (faster than Pizza Hut).

Oh yeah, the other plate behind the lasagna, its the salad (Instalate Pollo). I’m not impressed with that one. It costs almost as much as the lasagna but not nearly as good as it. We should have taken a pizza instead.

Pizza Marzano - Lasagne Pasticciate

Lasagne Pasticciate
Rp. 58.000,- (approx US$ 6) before tax.
Pizza Marzano
Senayan City Ground Floor

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  1. 58.000 itu kira2 6 dollar pak.

  2. @Mohammad:
    Ouch! thanks. Tulisan sudah dibetulkan.

  3. wuih. jadi ngiler ngeliatnya. maknyus itu mas. :D


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