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OpenOffice, Not Impressed :(

July 23, 2007

Using Linux full time means using (OOo) for work. While most of the time it works just fine, sometimes its just… let’s just say annoying.

I’m a supporter for open document, I believe that implementing open document is a good thing. Sadly, the best open document editor, is not my favorite application. OOo does not look good. Its effort of imitating the current GTK+ theme is worse than Firefox.

In the last several weeks I found several annoyances that really bugs me. The first one is Calc, I find it hard to believe that it does not have an option for dotted or dashed borders! I thought that border styles are pretty basic for a spreadsheet application.

After that is Impress. After spending hours preparing a nice graphic-heavy presentation, I found out that the images I dragged and dropped into the slides are not embedded to the presentation file. They are referenced just like an HTML img tag. How surprised am I to find that after copying the presentation file to my removable drive, all the images are gone! Thankfully I always export to PDF after saving. I can’t imagine how it would be if I didn’t. Certainly not impressive. Moreover, no SVG support?

And there is this Alt+Tab issue. Sometimes pressing Alt+Tab does not switch windows normally (need to press it twice) and it really sucks.

Using OOo 2.2.0 on Ubuntu “Feisty” 7.04

  1. Strange, as i used to make presentations using OOo Impress and the file is copied into the files, not just shortcuts/links. It does make the file size bigger but you don’t need to copy the images on the same directory as the presentation file.

    Using OOo 2.2.1 on Windows XP and Slackware 12.0

  2. @Willy:
    It surprises me since Writer embeds the images correctly, I would expect Impress to do the same. Probably its an issue fixed in 2.2.1.

  3. opendocument !=
    sadly indeed that right now the most famous document editor that supports open document format is only OO.
    I still wait for another editor, that more light than OO :D

  4. Once I installed OO on my Zenwalk, one week after, I removepkg-ed it..

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