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How To: Install/Setup SmartSVN in Ubuntu

July 26, 2007

This is a simple guide to install and setup SmartSVN in Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn). You’ll need to have Java-6-Sun already installed first since it won’t run on GCJ. I don’t know if it’ll work on gcj or not.

Download SmartSVN

  1. Please download the ‘Generic’ archive from the SmartSVN download page (currently the latest version is 3.0.1).
  2. Extract the archive (right click on it, click on Extract Here)
  3. [optionally] Move SmartSVN to your ‘Apps’ folder. I usually copy download-and-extract kind of apps to ~/Apps. You can place the application anywhere you like, perhaps in your home directory.

Add to Applications Menu

  1. Right click on the Applications menu
  2. Click on Edit Menus
  3. Select the Programming Category (the category is up to you but Programming seems right to me)
  4. Click on the New Item button. The ‘Create Launcher’ window sholuld appear:
    1. Select type: “Application”
    2. Enter Name: “SmartSVN”
    3. Select Command: “[YourSmartSVNFolder]/bin/”
    4. Click on the icon button. It should load the browse icons window
    5. Click on browse and point it to “[YourSmartSVNFolder]/bin/”
    6. The list will now display several SmartSVN icon previews.
    7. Select smartsvn-32×32.png and click on OK to close the browse icon window
    8. Click on OK
  5. Click on Close.

Note: Replace [YourSmartSVNFolder] with where your SmartSVN folder is.

Now SmartSVN should be easily accessible via Applications > Programming > SmartSVN. Actually this section of the guide is pretty generic and should work on other download-and-extract kind of applications.

Setting Up SmartSVN

First of all start SmartSVN via the Applications menu.

  1. Edit > Preferences > External Tools
  2. Enter File Pattern: “*”
  3. Enter Command: “gnome-open”
  4. Enter Arguments: “${filePath}”
  5. Click on Insert
  6. Click on Directory Command in the left pane (right under External Tools)
  7. Check on “Enable Open Directory Command”
  8. Enter Command: “gnome-open”
  9. Enter Arguments: “${directoryPath}”

This will allow SmartSVN to open files/folder using the right applications. Double clicking on folders will open a Nautilus window and text/code files will load up gedit (or whatever it is associated with on your PC)

Please tell me if anything is confusing, missing or just plain wrong.
Have Fun!

  1. trial ya ?

    hiks hiks hiks

  2. @paydjo:
    SmartSVN Foundation license. Bebas pakai untuk personal tanpa trial period. Kalau yang berbayar ada Professional dan Enterprise license yg memiliki lebih banyak feature.

  3. amrishodiq permalink

    Sorry ya kalo agak ndeso :P
    SVN itu aplikasi apa sih? Terus makenya dalam kondisi seperti apa?

  4. Thanks a lot. This was very useful…. Will come here for sure if i have any other doubts


  5. Nice Article and thanks for that.

  6. kutubuku permalink

    plagiator ya?

    try to be creative and write your own tutorials with your own language.

  7. @Kutubuku:
    Considering that this post was published on 2007 and the one you linked on 2009… That makes me the world’s first time-travelling plagiator!

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