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Burgers at The Cafe Cartel

August 29, 2007

Last Saturday I went out with wortel to try The Cafe Cartel at Djakarta Theatre. You can see the types of food they offer in the website but it real menu is rather different here (compared to Sg) i.e. no pork ribs.

We ordered burgers. A Philadelphia Cheesesteak for me (~53k) and a Chiabatta rib burger (~42k) for wortel. I have to say, I am very much impressed with both burgers. The size is just right (makes me feel cheated by Hot Shots). The breads are very very tasty, and, of course, the beef and cheese are fantastic! Forgive me for not having any photos of the impressive burgers, but my cam was low on batt and we were in a little hurry.

Aside from the burgers, Cafe Cartel itself is a good place to eat. Despite reading some negative comments about Cafe Cartel Singapore we found that the service here is good. The waiters are nice and our food came out pretty quick.

Will we return? Absolutely, next time I’ll try their sandwiches.

PS. Promo CC BCA buy 1 get 1 gak berlaku di Djakarta Theatre :(


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  1. ak..huaaa no pork ribs?

    the salad (chicken chef’s salad) is really good as well..
    what else what else..
    hhmm peach tea?
    dikit medok..tapi niceeee:):)

    hehe i have no comment on the negative comments that you read..
    i didn’t experience it *probably not just yet;p*
    hehehe *cheerz*

  2. wortel permalink

    emang sih, ciabatta lebih asik dibanding hotshots n porsinya lebih gede, tapi kan di hotshots dengan harga segitu udah dapet paket ama minum, smentara di cafe cartel baru dapet ciabatta nya doang :P

    too bad the french fries is not really good, but the bun sure is really, really good :D

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