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Coffee Tree at Mall Artha Gading

September 17, 2007

I often walk past Coffee Tree at Mall Artha Gading but didn’t visit. It was until I read a review at JenzCorner that I notice how interesting this particular coffee shop is.

Last sunday, I decided to try it. The store itself is a cozy place to sit around. Nice ambient lighting, huge jars of coffee beans, coffee makers (such as the Moka Pot and Vac Pot) and various syrups on display (I guess we can even buy the syrups). Behind the bar they have a huge chalk board where they write their complete menu.

Their coffee menu is really, if I may say, complete. They have espresso based drinks (like cappuccino, 22k and lattes 24k), french-pressed (18k), vacuum coffee (I heard its popular in Japan, looks rather odd IMHO), vietnamese coffee, cafe au lait (22k) and so on and so on. They also sell roasted beans there so I think we can be sure that their coffee is fresh.

I ordered a single shot cappuccino. That was the first time I have my cappuccino served like the one they have at the WBC videos ;) Of course the taste was also amazing. The coffee tasted a bit spicy which reminds me of the espresso I had at Starbucks two weeks prior (probably similar beans?). The frothed milk foam was really smooth and velvety. It even had a nice heart-shaped latte art on top of it (wonder if I can ask for a Rosetta next time). That was simply the best cappuccino I’ve ever had.

The only disappointment I had was that several other customers are smoking in store. Besides that, it was perfect. I can’t wait to get back there and try something else (maybe their lattes or even French-pressed coffee).

PS. I wanted take a picture of the cappuccino but sadly I left my cam at home :( Please check the JenzCorner’s post to see the photos of the store and her cappuccino.


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  1. Lama gak ke sana. Kedai yang hangat, kecil, bukan bagian dari jaringan. Milik sebuah keluarga yang ramah. Kakak-beradik penunggunya itu lucu. Si oom empunya bisa menjelaskan soal kopi dengan baik. Kalau kita butuh yang gak terlalu asam untuk dibawa pulang, langsung dia pilihkan. :D

  2. coffee lover permalink

    COFFEE TREE sekarang sudah pindah ke:
    MOI (Mal Of Indonesia)
    Kelapa Gading Square Blk C no.38A – 38B
    ( Belakang Restaurant Angke)
    Jakarta – Utara

    phone: 62 21 45866898
    62 21 45866899

  3. Ester permalink

    Love it so much this place…

  4. semoga tambah sukses……

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