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Lapis Legit Web

September 20, 2007

Web Kue Lapis

A quick (one and a half day) Django and JQuery web hack to order spekkoek (Lapis Legit) via the office networks. Its a very simple application. It takes your order, validates the entry, calculates the total price, saves it to the DB and sends both me and the customer and e-mail notification. Most of the time is spent fixing the design CSS (making the JQuery Calendar, not shown here, to suit my taste) and Javascript (automatic price calculator).

Deployment is done in the most dirty way. Since I’m running this on my PC and the app only available to the internal office network, so scalability is not an issue. I only use the Django internal web server with SQLite as the database engine.

Lessons learned: E-mail using the Django templating engine is neat. More importantly, JQuery, when used properly, is fantastic. I think I’m having a crush with Javascript (again) ;)

One Comment
  1. ijin tanya gan, newbie nih, misal ordered_by = models.ForeignKey(User, blank=True, null=True) saya ingin field ini diisi secara otomatis oleh user yang sedang login tanpa perlu si user tersebut memilih pada dropdown

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