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Ubuntu 7.10 Beta is Out

September 28, 2007

Yes people the Ubuntu 7.10 Beta (along with Kubuntu) is already out, that means the final release is less than a month away (Scheduled for October 18th). Quick highlights:

  • Dark chocolaty Brown background. A homage to Dapper Drake. It’ll be the first thing I change after installation along with the rest of the themes. Sorry, but the default Gnome 2.20 ‘gummy’ theme is just irresistible ;)
  • Compiz Fusion is now enabled by default (on supported cards). The most important part is, that it is implemented conservatively (usability first, bling second). Thank you very much Ubuntu devs.
  • Firefox Add-ons are now integrated with Synaptic, +1 for open source integration.
  • A GUI for video config. Its about time! They even have a safe-mode in case of errors.
  • NTFS read/write by default via NTFS-3G (not that I need it that much)
  • And last but not least, automatic printer configuration (true plug ‘n play)

Mark your calendars folks, October 18th is just around the corner.
To Ubuntu-ID: When can we start ordering the installer CD and repo DVDs?

[ Ubuntu Screenshots, Kubuntu Screenshots ]

  1. Gummy is definitely tempting. I love its soft color and spongy feeling. have I told you I love its softness?

  2. dvd repo? tungguin aja milis/websitenya :P

    *duh mau ujian pula :(*

  3. @toni:
    As soft as a gummy bear ;) *yummy*

    *menunggu dengan sabar*

  4. asik… *ga sabar menunggu

  5. moga tetep ada layanan ship it nya…

  6. welehweleh… canggih!


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