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I was Never a Soccer Fan…

October 1, 2007

asian chicks playing with football ball

I stumbled upon this picture at FFFFound (interesting site). Curiosity hit me and I went out to find where it came from. Not a big problem given my skills in link-clicking ;). Turns out it was taken from Esquire Magazine China1 (yes people we do have Esquire Magazine Indonesia). I never realized how soccer could be so… interesting.

[ Complete Set at Funatiq ]



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  1. Ignoring the ladies, the photo angle (and the timing) is just perfect! I don’t like the dark color though

  2. PS: just went back from the site and looking on the full set, my impression is: How the heck does the photograph coreographed the model and get that kind of angle (and timing)???

  3. Amazing photographs indeed. I was wondering the same thing, photoshop effects perhaps? But you can’t manipulate angle and timing!!

    I think they really do make all the girls play soccer. Take a bunch of action shots and photoshop them afterwards (the mud maybe). Still, it doesn’t change the fact that the photos are fantastic!

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