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Fish and Cheese

November 5, 2007

New York Fish 'n Chips

The New York Style Fish and Chips at Fish ‘n Co is simply perfect! As the title says, the fish is cooked with cheese and it’s what makes it so special. It tastes really good (maybe I just love anything that has cheese in it) and the size is just-right (for my tummy at least).

On the other hand, their peri-peri chicken is not that good :(

New York Style Fish ‘n Chips
Rp. 62.500,- (approx US$6) +5% service +10% tax
Fish & Co
Plaza Indonesia eX First Floor


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  1. carrot permalink

    what peri-peri chicken? did you mean ayam rica? :P

  2. VZX permalink

    looks yummy :3
    6 bucks is not too bad.

  3. VZX permalink

    kalo diliat dari banner blog nya… jadi ngiler

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