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Outback Steakhouse Ratu Plaza

November 18, 2007

Chicken On The Barbie

I went to Outback Steakhouse Ratu Plaza yesterday for lunch (and also as a birthday celebration to carrot). We ordered the Typhoon Bloom (44k), Chicken on the Barbie (60k) and one of their favorites, Alice Springs Chicken (72k). The Typhoon Bloom came out first, lots of onions! The sauce is nice and fits the onion, but tomato ketchup is also a perfect fit.

Next came the mains: Carrot’s Chicken on The Barbie looks very delicious. A thick seasoned and grilled chicken breast. The chicken is chewy, not that it’s a bad thing since Carrot loves chewy chickens. The barbecue sauce is also good and compliments the grilled chicken nicely. If you work near Ratu Plaza then maybe you can try their Lunch Promo during weekdays. Chicken on the Barbie with Soup/Salad and a bottomless drink for 70k IDR (+tax/service). The promo is only valid for lunch between Monday to Friday.

Alice Springs Chicken

Alice Springs Chicken is also a grilled chicken dish topped with bacon, mushrooms and melted cheese (yes I love cheese!). It also comes with honey mustard sauce and chips. Like the ‘Barbie’, Alice Springs is also good and chewy. The honey mustard sauce might taste a bit odd but fits the chicken nicely (just dip it a little). Overall it’s a good dish which I truly recommend.

Besides the food, the service is also good. It surprised me a bit to see that the restaurant was about half full when we entered. I always think it’s some kind of deserted expensive restaurant in a computer mall ^^; I might be back someday for their lunch menu… maybe when I’m craving for some good grilled chicken.


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  1. nasrullah permalink

    Very nice dishes I feel hungry waw……

  2. Went to Outback Steakhouse last weekend too, in Sydney though. Been there a few times, have always thought their dishes are waaaayyy too salty. So last weekend, I ordered the quarter lamb rack with sweet potato and honey, but told the waitress to go easy on the salt. Tasted great. Love the pics you take AK…bikin laper. Hehe.

  3. VZX permalink

    I must eat junk food again :(
    They are too tasty
    too tasty… must… resist….

  4. @Irine: Thank you. I don’t think mine got to salty. Maybe it’s just an outlet specific. By the way did you know that Outback, despite its Australian theme, is actually an American franchise?

    @VZX: Good luck on that :D

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