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Gloria Jeans Caffè Latte

November 21, 2007

Small Cafe Latte

Practically the cheapest cafe latte around office. For Rp 10k per cup (for-here only promotion price) it even beats Bengawan Solo Coffee. I like Gloria Jeans because they free-pour the steamed milk instead of scooping it on top like Starbucks does. They would even give your drink a latte art on top. It’s not perfect, but at least they tried.

On the downside, Gloria Jeans allows their customers to smoke. Fortunately I managed to secure a seat far enough from the poisonous smoke the other customers where puffing.


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  1. Dedhi permalink

    AFAIK, the correct way to serve cafe latte is by spooning out the froth. When you just pour in the milk and the froth, it is called cappuccino.

  2. @Dedhi: That confuses me a bit, how do you make a latte art if you spoon the froth on top? Perhaps latte art is only possible on a cappuccino?

  3. Brittany permalink

    Actually I work at Gloria Jeans and a latte is espresso with mostly milk and a scoop of froth on top. Whereas a cappuccino is espresso with a tiny bit of steamed milk, and a lot of froth. So sorry Dedhi, but not really.

  4. Tiger permalink

    I am not sure if any of you know what you are talking about. Latte is a creamier textured milk which is, when free poured, leaves close to 1 cm of froth on top. Where as a cappuccino has froth on top. If your Barista is scooping the froth on top, it is a sign of a under skilled barista. The milk should be textured in a way, to leave 1/3 of froth on top. A good barista will free pour a cappuccino.

  5. Kim permalink

    A latte is espresso and steamed milk with about 1/2 inch of foam on top…a cappuccino is espresso and half steamed milk, half foam. What makes the difference is how the milk is steamed and aerated, not how it is poured. I’ve been a barista for over four years, and I spent the last year and a half at Gloria Jean’s. I have plenty of training regarding the latte and the cappuccino, and I can assure you all that a good barista can scoop or free pour (I prefer to free pour, but some companies prefer baristas to scoop); what makes a good barista is whether they can steam and aerate the milk correctly.

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