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New Phone – Sony Ericsson T250i

December 3, 2007

Sony Ericsson T250i

I’ve been back to my old and rusty T68i since I lost my Z710i last april. Finally, after months of struggling with the dying old keypad, I bought myself another phone: Sony Ericsson T250i, my third T series after T39m and T68i (both of them are still alive by the way).

No bells and whistles in this one: no bluetooth, no USB, no EDGE nor 3G, and absolutely no walkman. All it got is a phone (of course), GPRS, IrDA, FM Radio, a 0.3 mpx camera and a classy slim looks. Extremely basic, but it should be fine for my day to day activity.

Sadly my complaints with this phone rises from the little things. The little things that one won’t even think of checking when they’re looking for a phone. Here are they:

  1. Canceling an SMS does not automatically save the messages to the draft/unsent folder. A regression compared to my old phone.
  2. Pressing the clear button for 2-3 seconds on my old phone will delete the last word written. Doing that in this phone will delete everything behind the cursor up to the beginning of the message. Why oh why?
  3. There is no way to know whether a message in the sent folder is already sent, is still pending or has failed. Again a regression compared to my T68i which has distinctive icons for all three statuses.
  4. I found myself pressing more buttons just to send an SMS compared my old phone.

I am very annoyed with #1 and #2. That, my dear readers, is not a good usability at all. A system should not delete user-inputed data that easily. Its a huge let-down, especially knowing that the old models does things in a much better way.

I’ve learned the ugly side of entry-level phones the hard way. If it says it can do SMS, it doesn’t mean it can do it as good as the next phone :(

Sony Ericsson T250i

Package: Phone, charger, handsfree

  1. My Motorola w205 is more basic than that: no GPRS, no IrDA, no FM Radio, no camera :-)

  2. carrot permalink

    basic features is not a problem for me, but cheap phones usually have bad usability, like this T250…or my motorola V3i :(

  3. May u search for software upgrade in the Internet. hopefully it will resolve the problem :)

  4. VZX permalink

    damn, old phone gone in 8 months?
    jambret or kelupaan nih?

  5. carrot permalink

    @VZX: lho?
    *tunjuk2 kata “lost” dan link nya di kalimat pertama entry* :P

  6. My Phone Sony Ericsson too :)

  7. acaecilia permalink

    kalo K 750i bagus ga? gue udah pengen beli itu dari taun lalu :P

  8. @Acae:
    K750i bagus itu. Agak tua, tp ya tetep aja barang bagus. Harganya juga dah makin turun kan sekarang.

  9. i think i will buy t250i, so, how is its camera and battery live?

  10. @ten:
    The camera is 0.3 mpx, pictures looks fine on the phone but I’m sure it won’t look as good when it’s transfered to a PC. Even transferring the image to the PC would be a problem since you can only use infrared.

    Battery life is not that good. Two days standby I think. If you play games, it’ll drain pretty fast.

  11. john permalink

    yeah! t250i is so cool

  12. hiren permalink

    is there pc suite for t250i? so, i can connect it with pc through data cable

  13. dark0153 permalink

    Crappy software, my old T230 had much better software, the most annoying feature thats missing, is the last call duration timer that its missing, also you cannot send a message to a unsaved number from your called list, you cannot add a number to a new or old contact from the call list or even call someone from the call list when you already have someone on hold
    The camera is pretty useless, those 0.3mp pictures are nice enough but no easy way to get them off the phone since you can only send stuff to it using a data cable ( same as with T230), the only option to get them off the phone is to send them by ir to a pc or a ‘real’ phone and then d/l them to the pc.
    The FM radio requires the headset to be plugged in order to work

  14. akmal permalink

    nk tanya..da beli hset t250i ni..cmna nk send n recieve pic msg…via GPRS…da hantar setting kat celcom bila send pic tak blh pn..ada on off dia ke? da check accept pict msg options..da check 2 2 option yg still xleh gak…tlg2 reply kat

  15. what is the difference between USB and DATA CABLE?
    Am using k320i but am trying to transfer music to T250i and i got error message that the file type does not support what am sending.
    i want to know if i can use my K320i USB cable to transfer music to my T250i?/or does that means T250i does not received music via another phone or USB.
    thanks any way…….

  16. Hey… great infos.
    I go to your blog as s’body over me his t250i for Rp.400k, I’ll go to 300k after your infos.
    thanks a lot dude.

  17. sathish permalink

    is it possible to connect sony t250i with pc.

  18. aries permalink

    how to open my GPRS on sony ericsson T250i ????

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