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2007 Year in Review, Movies

December 31, 2007

In 2007 I watched more movies than read books. Here is a short run-down on significant movies I’ve seen in the outgoing year…

Children of Men

This movie tells the story of a world in the future where man no longer gave birth to babies. The earth population is dwindling, and riots are everywhere. Children of Men is a very wonderful movie I highly recommend to anyone. The scenes are just mind-blowing!

The Prestige

The rivalry of two magicians. The Prestige is a smart presentation from both Christian Bale and Edward Norton Hugh Jackman. I highly recommend The Prestige to anyone looking for a high quality movie.


A light-hearted, smart and funny fantasy movie.


If you love food, than this is the perfect movie for you. Ratatouille is a funny and uplifting movie. The scenes are beautifully rendered and animated, the fake foods will make you drool!

The Bourne Ultimatum

Matt Damon, hand-to-hand fight scene, car-chase scene, Julia Stiles, and more action scenes. Despite having better action scenes, I think the plot is not as good as the two previous Bourne movies. Still, its not 2007 without Jason Bourne. I love it when I saw the epilogue of Supremacy is at the middle of Ultimatum.


I always like anything science fiction, especially space travel. Sunshine has a wonderful idea and is nicely executed, the first two thirds at least. Disappointingly the least third of the plot suddenly changes turn into an action slasher that ruins the plot.

Quickie Express

An Indonesian movie about the life of three gigolos. Hillarious! The ending is a bit sad, but realistic nonetheless ;)

Other films I’ve seen are, in no particular order: The Machinist (scary), Zodiac (great!), The Simpsons Movie (good!), Enchanted (pretty nice), Get Married (not great, just okay), The Illusionist (okay), 28 Weeks Later (not as good as 28 days), The Departed (humm… not bad) and Resident Evil Extinction (pure junk).

I’ll update the post if there are any movies I missed :D


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  1. The Prestige is a smart presentation from both Christian Bale and Edward Norton.

    Should be Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. Edward Norton starred in a similar movie titled The Illusionist. CMIIW.

  2. Aw.. crap! I should’ve checked that before posting. Yes it was supposed to be Hugh Jackman. Thank you very much. I did watch The illusionist too this year and got mixed between the two.

  3. wortel permalink

    masa cuma segitu ya yang ditonton? rasanya kita jauh lebih sering nonton daripada beli buku.

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