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Celebrate 2008, Eat Potato

January 2, 2008

Yesterday the world celebrates new year lavishly, with parties and huge fireworks. Not many know that this year celebrates one of the world’s hidden treasure, The Potato. The year 2008 is dedicated by The United Nations as the International Year of The Potato. Recognizing its importance in the lives of many all around the globe.

Therefore instead of starting the year like any other year, let us begin the year it by enjoying a dish of potatoes. There are numerous ways to savor this versatile food. There is the Indonesian way by eating perkedel, semur, sambal goreng kentang or perhaps a potato donut. There is also the Western way such as mashed potato, French fries, baked potato, fish and chips, or a bag of Pringles.

Even if you are not in the mood of eating or simply on a low-carb diet, you can still celebrate it. Enjoy potato juice, utilize potato-based disposable cutlery instead of plastics or even promote potato-based fuel!

Happy New Year, Enjoy your Potato.
PS. Yes that’s a fish and chips on the blog banner.

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