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Justice is not for Indonesians

January 16, 2008

Indonesian justice is grim

I just read a post at Avianto’s blog post titled “And Justice is for Who?“. The post details a true story of how Indonesian civil servants treats an Indonesian citizen: without respect. Horribly disgusting!

Who should we trust, if people that should be exercising the law, are not? Why does it keep on happening again and again? How can we expect people from another country to respect us if our civil servants are not?

For whom is Indonesian justice? You and me? Perhaps only for some high ranking officers, whose salary comes from our tax money. Yeah, rite.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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  1. yeahh, justice is for those who have lots of money.. \m/_

  2. Dave permalink

    Come on, I’m not even Indonesian and I know how justice works there, it was one of the first things my wife taught me when before we were even married. Justice in IIndonesia comes in a wad of Rupiah, or for extra powerful justice (ie you really want some action) use US$.

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