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Reopen a Recently Closed Tab in Firefox

February 26, 2008

Did you know that you can easily reopen a recently closed tab in Firefox? I did, unfortunately my colleagues didn’t. They were so fascinated when I demonstrated this feature during a meeting last Friday. Therefore, to educate those who miss it:

  1. Open the “History” menu
  2. Select “Recently Closed Tab”
  3. Act surprised to see that you can actually reopen the last 10 tabs you recently closed.
  4. Select the tab you’d like to reopen!

Now that you know it, accidentally closing a tab is not so bad after all. Have fun people!

  1. Or in opera, press CTRL + Z (Undo)

  2. or use the shortcut : ctrl+shift+t

  3. @Lawrence:

    Nice. Unfortunately I don’t think I can memorize all those keyboard shortcuts. Good to know though. Thanks!

  4. saya ga tau kalau ini butuh plugin atau tidak..

    di firefox, biasanya saya pakai cara middle-click mouse pada daerah kosong di tab bar.

  5. @tukangMoto:
    Di PC saya tidak jalan tuh. Mungkin butuh plugin.

    Tetapi saya jadi nemu nih, ternyata dalam context menu di tab bar ada pilihan “Undo Close Tab” yang berfungsi sama!

  6. @ak

    hmm mgkn butuh TabMix plus

  7. Robert permalink

    Yes, but how do I get these tabs back if I have Firefox set to always clear private data when closing FF. And to keep history for one day, and to erase everything in the Private data – Settings box. These settings I do not want to change
    I have it configured to save the tabs when closing but this does not always happen.
    But where else is the history saved? There are so many Temp folders in XP that somewhere there must be links to closed tabs.

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