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February 26, 2008

Have you ever found yourself reading pages after pages of Wikipedia articles? Opening numerous amounts of articles in new tabs faster than you can read them?

I often do and I call this wiki-hopping or wiki-walking. Usually I start with searching something I found from a book, website or blog. Then as I read I start clicking links, and so on and so on. In the end I will found myself reading a Wikipedia entry which is totally unrelated with the first entry I read. It feels so good!

So, now whenever I found anything interesting I’m going to blog the wiki-hopping session and share it with you guys. Perhaps it’ll start your own session of wiki-hopping! I’ve set up a new category in this blog to group all of them, wiki-hopping.



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  1. Sering banget tuh saya ngelakuin wiki-hopping itu.. Niat awalnya nyari materi ini, itu, eh malah baca yang lain-lain.. bagus juga tuh buat bahan ngeblog.

    sorry, komennya bahasa indonesia

  2. wiki walk~~~~ totally luv it!

  3. I prefer calling it “wiki-walking” to pay tribut to blogwalking :)

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