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12+ Books for 2008

March 7, 2008

Okay, so I never posted a new year resolution for 2008. But I did make a mental note for one. That is: I will read 12 or more books (novels, non-fictions, comics not included) during 2008. At least one book for every month.

So far I’m ahead of schedule with four novels:

      Currently I’m still struggling with the 900+ pages behemoth of Quicksilver (The Baroque Cycle, Vol 1) by Neal Stephenson. There is also another novel in the queue: Lord of Light (Best Novel, Hugo Award 1968) by Roger Zelazny.

      If I have time I’ll try to write reviews on the books I read. Wish me luck.

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      1. wow … maybe i’ll try one book in one year …

      2. I keep hitting on blogs with book reading goals for 2008. I love the idea of having a reading goal. I love would love to see your book reviews. That would help pull me from the same sections in the book store so I try something new.

        Keep up with your goal. What will you do when you pass your goal in 2008? Keep going or focus on something else?

        Jodi Rosenberg
        Personal & Professional Development Coach

      3. @Jodi:
        I don’t really have a plan after finishing this goal. I think want to try to make regular reading as a habit. Well I still have months to figure out something new for 2009 :)

      4. mungkin rencana itu akan jalan setelah terasa manfaat dan efeknya kali yah

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